JavaScript Tethered Login

Our JavaScript Tethered Login is the preferred option because it is the most flexible and simple for you to create and customize. There is no need to send us any CSS, because the CSS on your site controls how your login looks. All we need is your NetTeller login form HTML.


Create Your Login Form

Download our sample login form HTML to help you get started.

Place our sample NetTeller login form in your site's testing environment, and tailor the code to fit your site's needs. Remember, the CSS in your site will control how your Tethered Login looks.

After getting approval from your financial institution, email your finished login form HTML to your Jack Henry™ representative.


Implement Your Tethered Login

We will take your form HTML and transform it into a Tethered Login.

Then we will send you back a line of JavaScript that looks something like this:

<script src=""></script>

Place the line of script we sent you right above the closing </body> tag on every page in your site that you want your login form to appear, like so:

<script src=""></script>

Then, simply place an element with the class "tethered-login" anywhere in your site that you want your login form to appear.

Your element can be empty. Your NetTeller form HTML will be inserted automatically by our JavaScript.

Basic Implementation Examples

A brand-new div

<div class="tethered-login"></div>

An existing div on your site that already has a class

<div class="YOURCLASS tethered-login"></div>

An existing div on your site that has an ID

<div id="YOURID" class="tethered-login"></div>

Finishing Up

Use valid NetTeller credentials to test your Tethered Login.

That's it! Your new Tethered Login is ready to use on your production site.

Do you need to make changes to your Tethered Login after you implement it on your site? No problem! Just make your changes and email your revised code back to us so we can update it on our end.

For more info on making changes, or if you have other questions or issues,
visit our Help and FAQ.