My new Tethered Login looks different than what I expected.

Your Tethered Login should look exactly as created by your web developer and approved by you, the Financial Institution. If it looks different from what was expected, please check with your web developer, and ask them to verify that the code that was sent to us is correct.

  • For JavaScript TLs, please note that we only host the HTML of your login area, so if HTML changes are needed, let us know. You may review the instructions for making changes to your Tethered Login on our JS TL Instructions page. Also keep in mind that your site's CSS controls how the login looks. If CSS changes are needed, they must be made by your site's developer in the CSS of your financial institution's website.
  • For Iframe TLs, if changes to your CSS and/or HTML are needed, please make those changes, then send us your updated Iframe page and a brief summary of what changes you made. You may review the instructions for creating your Iframe Tethered Login on our Iframe TL Instructions page.

View Your Complete TL Code

Your web developer is able to view exactly what code makes up your Tethered Login, which is helpful for diagnostic purposes. To view the code that makes up your login, go to this URL:

You should see your login form. Right-click on an empty spot in the page, select "View Source," and examine the code your Tethered Login is made of. Then your web dev can compare it to the code that was sent to us. If we made a mistake when developing our part of your Tethered Login, let us know and we'll fix it right away!

More Troubleshooting

  1. Ask your web developer to make sure there isn't some CSS, scripting, or anything else in your site's development that could be interfering with your Tethered Login.
  2. Try clearing your browser's cache/history.

Nothing Helped?

Does your TL still look strange after trying all of these things? Let us know and we'll work with you and your dev to figure out what the issue may be.

Our Tethered Login has been implemented on our site, but we need to make changes. How do we do that?

Need to make changes? No problem. Your web developer will simply need to update your form code and email it to us, along with a brief summary of what changes need to be made. Then we'll update your Tethered Login on our servers. Find your Tethered Login Coordinator here.

Note: If your site is using our JavaScript login option, please keep in mind that we only host the HTML of your login form, and your site's CSS controls the appearance of your Tethered Login. If CSS changes are needed, those will need to be made in your site's CSS. You only need to contact us if you want to change any of your login's HTML.

I cannot see my new Tethered Login on my financial institution's website.
  1. Ask your web developer to review our instructions and make sure they have correctly implemented your Tethered Login. You can find our JavaScript TL implementation instructions here, or our Iframe TL implementation instructions here.
  2. Ask your web developer to make sure there isn't CSS, scripting, or anything else in your site's development that could be interfering with your Tethered Login.
  3. Brand new Tethered Logins or changes to existing TLs may take up to 15-20 minutes to appear on your website. Please give it at least 20 minutes, then clear your browser's cache/history. Your Tethered Login or changes to your TL should then appear.
  4. Make sure you chose the appropriate Tethered Login type (JavaScript or Iframe) for your financial institution's website. Feel free to revisit to our Choose Login Quiz if you're unsure.
  5. On occasion, we've had to switch a JavaScript Tethered Login to our Iframe type because the JS login was not compatible with something in the site's development. We may need to take a closer look at your site's development and make sure that it is compatible with our JavaScript TL option.

Nothing Helped?

Does your TL still not appear on your site after trying all of these things? Let us know and we'll work with you and your dev to figure out what the issue may be.

My new Tethered Login is visible on my site, and everything looks good, but when I tried to test it, there was an issue logging into NetTeller.
  1. Please make sure that the NetTeller credentials you are using to test your Tethered Login are valid. You can double-check that with your NetTeller contact person if you need to.
  2. If your NetTeller account is brand new, but it has not been launched yet, your NetTeller login will not function until your NetTeller account is launched, even if you are using valid credentials to test your login.
  3. Clear your browser's cache/history, then try again to log in.
  4. Ask your web developer to make sure there isn't some CSS, scripting, or anything else in your site's development that could be interfering with your Tethered Login.

Still Can't Log Into NetTeller?

If all of these solutions have been explored and your Tethered Login is still not successfully logging into NetTeller, please contact your Tethered Login Coordinator for further assistance.

We have had a Tethered Login on our site for a while, but our customers are suddenly unable to login to NetTeller online banking.

Your Tethered Login has been working just fine since you implemented it on your site, but suddenly, your users are unable to log into NetTeller. This doesn't happen often, but in case it does, try the following:

  1. Your web developer should check if there were any recent changes made to your site's development that could be interfering with your Tethered Login. A common culprit is new JavaScript/jQuery added to your site that is interfering with your Tethered Login and rendering it inaccessible. Ask your web dev to check their Web Dev Console and make sure there's no broken scripts on your site.
  2. Reach out to your NetTeller representative as soon as possible. Think of our Tethered Login product as being a door to your NetTeller online banking. We can only control how the door looks. Once you open the door, or in other words, log into NetTeller and go to the online banking screen inside, the only ones who can help at that point are NetTeller.

Still Unable To Log Into NetTeller?

If you have checked with your NetTeller rep and your web developer, but no one can figure out what's wrong, contact your Tethered Login Coordinator. We'll get some more details from you about the issues you're experiencing, and see if we can help.

Don't See Your Issue Here?

Having an issue that's not listed above and need quick assistance? Reach out to your JHA Tethered Login Coordinator and we'll get back to you asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure what this whole Tethered Login thing is.

The JHA Tethered Login product is offered to financial institutions that use NetTeller online banking, and who would like the support and peace of mind we provide if your site's NetTeller login ever stops working. To get a Tethered Login, or TL, for your site, here is a basic overview of the steps:

  1. You choose the TL option that your site needs (either JavaScript or Iframe) by taking our Choose Login Quiz.
  2. After choosing your login type, your web developer visits our Instructions page and learns how to create and implement your NetTeller login form. You can find our JavaScript TL instructions here, or our Iframe TL instructions here.
  3. After approval from the financial institution, you or your web developer emails us your site's login code.
  4. We take your site's login code and transform it into your Tethered Login.
  5. We upload your Tethered Login to our secure servers, then we email the code that your web developer will use to implement your Tethered Login in your site. Your web developer can get implementation instructions on our Instructions page.
  6. Finally, you test your new Tethered Login using valid NetTeller credentials, and that's it! You're all set.
Why does my site need the JHA Tethered Login product? My web developer said they can create our NetTeller login on their own.

Compared to other Online Banking vendors out there, NetTeller logins are indeed quite simple to create. Upon learning what is necessary, the average web developer can create a functioning NetTeller login form in mere minutes. However, what if your NetTeller form stops working? Your web dev may not be able to find out what's wrong or how to fix it, and contacting NetTeller directly may not help, since they cannot diagnose issues with the login form on your site.

That's when JHA saves the day! Since NetTeller is a product of Jack Henry & Associates, we are always kept apprised of changes made to the NetTeller online banking product and the dev requirements for creating Tethered Logins. Additionally, our Tethered Login developers have built hundreds of NetTeller login forms and can very quickly diagnose and repair any issues that may arise with your Tethered Login.

We are switching our online banking vendor to NetTeller, and we already have a preexisting online banking login form built on our site. Can we just use our existing login form?

Yep, you sure can! This is a common occurrence. Your dev can take your preexisting login form, convert it into a NetTeller login form, and send the login code to us as usual. To help your dev understand what changes your new NetTeller login form requires, they can find our JavaScript TL Sample Code here, or our Iframe TL Sample Code here.

Please note: NetTeller is phasing out the password field in their logins, so if your existing login has a password field as required by the vendor, your site's web dev will have to remove that, and adjust your login form accordingly before emailing us your finished login code. If you have any other questions about converting an existing login form to NetTeller, feel free to contact your Tethered Login Coordinator.

What if we need duplicate or additional Tethered Logins?
  • Occasionally our Tethered Login clients have multiple websites with different NetTeller accounts. No problem. We will create a Tethered Login for each of your sites. Contact your Tethered Login Coordinator if you require multiple different Tethered Logins.
  • Sometimes a site's development requires duplicate login forms added to different areas on the same page. When using multiple instances of the same login form on the same page of your website, it is important to avoid using IDs. Developers, if your site requires multiple instances of your login form, please remove all IDs from your code before sending it to us to transform into your Tethered Login. Ex: form tag ID, input ID, etc.
  • If you must use IDs in your login form, we can simply create a duplicate Tethered Login and change the IDs so that all IDs are unique. You would then place a separate TL code in the areas of your site as needed. Please let your Tethered Login Coordinator know that your site requires multiple Tethered Logins, and we'll go from there.
Why was the password field removed from our Tethered Login?

In order to provide the most secure experience possible for your customers, the majority of NetTeller logins are watermark-enabled. In short, this means that the password field cannot be placed on your site. Our TL Coordinators and devs here at JHA will view your NetTeller account settings and determine if your account has watermark enabled. If your account has watermark enabled, we will usually just remove the password field from the tethered login code that your site's dev creates for your site and sends to us, before sending back the final TL product to be placed in your site. For more info on watermarks, please contact your NetTeller rep.

Why doesn't JHA offer the Tethered Login product to sites that do not have an SSL certificate?

We apologize, but your customers' online banking information needs to be as secure as possible. While it's true that your Tethered Login will be hosted on our secure servers, your financial institution's site as a whole must also be secure, due to the potential risks. For example, a hacker could potentially break into your site and alter your site's code to intercept and steal your customers' NetTeller login credentials. Having an SSL certificate is simply a MUST, especially for financial institution websites!

Additionally, Google Security released a statement on their blog that as of July 2018, they will begin clearly marking non-SSL sites in their Chrome browser. The world has since followed suit. You should too!

Will JHA design and/or develop our login form?

We apologize, but we cannot create the login form for your financial institution's website. Your login form must be created by your web developer so that it is tailored to your site. JHA will transform your login code into a Tethered Login, and guide your web developer to implement your Tethered Login on your site.

Will my Tethered Login be secure?

JHA uses a secure domain to host your Tethered Login, and combined with your financial institution's website SSL certificate, together we are able to provide safety and security to your customers.

Will my Tethered Login meet WCAG/Accessibility guidelines/be ADA-compliant?

There are multiple ways to meet the many Success Criteria for ADA Conformance. No one way fits every situation. While we cannot make your code ADA conformant, nor evaluate your code, here are some links to point you in the right direction regarding form controls:

You will be linking to another website not owned or operated by Jack Henry and Associates. Jack Henry and Associates is not responsible for the availability or content of this website and does not represent either the linked website or you. The inclusion of any hyperlink does not imply any endorsement, investigation, verification or monitoring by Jack Henry and Associates of any information in any hyperlinked site.

I would like to learn more about what JHA Web Solutions can offer my financial institution.

JHA Web Solutions offers additional products and services you may be interested in for your financial institution, including:

  • Website design, development and hosting
  • Banno Monitor Security
    • Targeted suite of security services to protect and guard your site
  • Digital Marketing Services
    • SEO
    • Financial Literacy Content
    • Social Campaign Services
    • Content Writing
  • Digital Quality Management (DQM)
    • Automated digital governance solution for financial institutions websites
    • WCAG 2.1 ADA Compliance automated assistance/review

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